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I was wondering if for example everybody in the site upvoted this question, would I get over 10000 upvotes ? Or are there any limit ? And if the same goes for downvotes ?

Thank you.

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There is no limit for the amount of votes you get. However, you are limited to the amount of points you get or lose for the votes.

Up votes it is 20 votes maximum for points, then after, it doesn't count.

Down votes it is 4 votes maximum.

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This means that if this question gets 10000 upvotes, I would gain points only from 20 votes, and the rest doesn't serve anything ?
And if at the contrary I'd get 10000 downvotes, I would only lose points from the 4 first ?
I think you got it. :D
OK, thank you ;)
Technically there would be a limit due to the limits of how numbers are stored on computers, but it would be something like 4 billion I think :)
Really? Hm well I guess I'll just have to make 4 million + dupes just to troll Pokemaster.
@ Pokemaster: Thank you for this awesome site and community, and 4 billions ? Oo lala !
@ Xerilia: 4 millions dupes ? wtf ? Always so funny :)