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If I have a question about the Showdown! website, do I post them here or on Pokebase? I recently asked one on Pokebase that was not hidden, but I don't know if I should've actually posted it here.

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Actually nvm about that answer lol, decided best to get rid of it since I wasn't 100%

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If it's about our server then maybe put a question (as an answer o.O) on the DB server thread. If it's Showdown in general else their forum. (PS home page's top tab)

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In general, questions about other sites, or technical questions not related to Pokemon, are not allowed.

Showdown is one exception though, as it is popular. If you have a question about how to use a certain part of Showdown, then it's fine to ask a question on Pokebase. If you have a question specific to the DB server, you can ask on meta or the DB server thread.

General stuff like internet connection problems, or questions about one of the other PS servers are not allowed.

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