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I'll try not to make any suggestions that've already been made before; apologies if any of these have already been brought up before.

  • Make it so that when your mouse hovers over the "commented by user123 1 hour ago", it shows the specific time it was posted (eg 12:00 PM on January 1 2013). This prevents confusion with when posts were added.

  • Add a "how to" or FAQs page that states how you can vote, how the points system works, how to favourite things, select best answers, how the approving/rejecting system works, stuff like that. This could have a little button next to the a Rules and Chat pages. This would be nice as a link to give to newer users who ask how to do something.

  • Add kicking users and removing flags to Editors, Mods and your own list of extra privileges. Just so people are aware of those little added powers; I had no idea clearing flags was possible until I got promoted to Editor.

  • Possibly make a room for role playing in chat. People simply refuse to go to the Showdown server's RP room. It clogs chat, irritates everybody and it needs to go away from the main chat room. If people want to stay on the main site to RP, then they have this room to do it. Also give the ability to kick people to the RP room to those who can kick already. There could also be a room for trading and battling, though that is redundant with the forum coming soon.

  • The thing I want more than anything at the moment is a little way to show that you like a comment. Too often I see a comment that I couldn't agree with more, but there is no way for me to show this besides commenting again and saying "what user123 said". I suggest adding a little green thumbs up button on each comment that we can press. A number should appear beside the thumbs up symbol showing how many people like the comment. A dislike button is kinda redundant since the only thing I'd press it for is if a comment was utterly stupid or it was against the rules, which people can flag.

This has been suggested before, but I don't think this version of it has been suggested so I just threw it in.

Thanks for your time :)

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We need the last one. :D
Pretty much all if these have been asked, but other than the last they have been old and obscure. I actually did the second one, but it got hidden cos I apparently repeated myself a lot. If anyone thinks they can do it without screwing up like ne is welcome too :3
I agree with you Fizz, but making an RP room wont stop RP'ing in chat because people don't always decide to RP and therefore it will just be sporadic.

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