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Do you have a pokemon database API? only for pokemon such as level of moves, weaknesses, egg moves, egg group, basically any information on a specific pokemon?

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What's an API stand for?
An API is a way of using the creators website information.
Wait, so are you asking for Pokèmon data or info on the website itself?
I want the data. That way I can create a better user interface that will suit my needs when looking up pokemon information.
Well, if you go to the top of the page and go to "Pokèmon Data" and "Game Mechanics", that gives you pretty much all of our info on this site, which is still a lot, considering all the pages on EVs and things  and Pokedex stuff we have.
Alright i guess that will do. Thanks
No prob, sorry I couldn't help more.

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No we don't, although I intend to release some data dumps at some point. However there are some other sources out there:

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This post seems really old, but It would be awesome to have the data dumps, as the veekun thing is not so helpful, while the PokeApi is a real trouble to use.
Just a suggestion :D