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What are your thoughts in removing best answers for moveset questions? I ask this to you people because you (along with me) are best answers to pretty much all of these movesets. Those that aren't for us are users who no longer use this site. Our points are high enought that there should be no concern in that area, especially since we'll all be losing those points (and not like they matter anyways.)

If we agree to this, then we can remove them while DT adds n the learnset links or while I'm adding explanation to my movesets.

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It seems fine with me; I don't need points to know that I've contributed to the site. I say go for it!
@ Will: answer this. You were destined to do so.

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Yes, I agree. I have actually done this several times myself (mainly when no answer had a clear lead in votes).

Selecting a best answer could imply that one moveset is the only one you should use. I was hoping the software would add some kind of feature to prevent best answers on certain questions but no luck yet.

As long as the others are happy with losing a few points - probably only 200 or so - then let's do it.

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uh oh'
Losing 200 points. Wow but it is ok for me. (Well, it kind of bugs me that we are losing 200 points but it is your call.)
Not you Metal Kevin, only the members I listed above, you'll find no point loss :)
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Sure that is reasonable and while your at it i suggest deleting the obviously bad answers

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I'm on it right now. I'm removing the best answers and removing sets that just say "this is good" since we can't do it now. I'll also finish adding in the learnset links.

Update: I believe I got them all. If while making movesets and there's something wrong or missing, just say.

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Fantastic work, DT. Thanks for doing this!
You guys are having a blast doing this! LOL
And you're almost done with Gen III.
And you're done. Nice. Two gens left.
Finally finished.