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I would like to first thank all the editors and moderators for their current aid and great help in keeping the Database's sections so neat and clean.
For a year the users Scizornician and $tarfire has served the site well. Being active users in almost every section as well as being a great aid on chat like many of the experts are. However their care for the site is what I think should be pointed out the most as he has very often shown interest in the well-being and growth of the site as to see here and here.

Why I think Scizornician should be considered an Editor

He took his time in making a prototype of the DB-forum and was willing to build a new server for this site as well. He has constantly busy thinking of new things to do with the site as well as always trying to be able to access the site (even when he is on holidays). Though at this point we are doing extremely well with our current editors, this idea has been with me since I joined this site 4 months ago, just never knew how to put this in proper words.
He has definitely been a great asset to this site in many ways. That said, he has shown to be knowledgeable in many if not all aspects of Pokemon. His activity has risen again and I don't think it would be redundant to have a user as great as Scizornician as an extra editor.

Why I think $tarfire should be considered an Editor

$tarfire is with no doubt one of those experts that takes her function as one exceptionally serious and shows activity in all 3 sections from answering questions/comments to converting inappropriate answer and welcoming and or teaching brand new users the ways of this site. I know how it feels since she was one of the many users that came to my aid in the times when I was a clueless goldfish. She also has respect from a lot if not every user on this site and is a well known and liked expert. Like Scizornician she has proven to be knowledgeable in every aspect of Pokemon as well as one of the few users that can calm down a fight on chat before it gets out of hand. She is a longstanding and active member on this site and besides that, perhaps she could be the first female Editor on the site :3

Though I am no one to decide what should happen on this site and what not, I believe these 2 users as extra staff members to this site seems very fitting. Their importance has enabled them to have outgrown the little title in Expert and I think they will be a great aid to the Editor society.

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Poke'slash for Editor! :D Just kidding. I'm totally in favor of this.
Ben's Seal of Approval said it all.

One thing: I think that we should all remember JirachiCelebiMew right now, and how, if he were here, he'd be pointing out that Starfire and I are the same person. :P
And sciz's help getting DB up and Running, we can't forg that

*puts a gold star beside sciz's name*
You should mention how $tarfire is on almost everyday and for quite awhile. It would be nice to have another active person who can kick trolls. :3
Wow I didn't know this was posted, I was planning on posting for Star myself. Totally agreed.
Oh wait forgot. Don't you think Dr.Flame is a bit ahead of both? Also 5th of November is another one of my suggestions. He's decided to be active again and he's quite a respected user. So yeah.

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This has my seal of approval. Js

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I really want to post the Gay Seal meme, but that would just be rude of me.

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