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Well, Serebii hacks (I assume), but Pokemaster doesn't, so I assume quite a while. :3
Well, if you mean by breeding with the masuda method **no shiny charm** then that would be 200 eggs per pokemon first evolution on average. That would be an average of about 7 minutes per egg ( from my experience). The take that times the 453 pokemon in the kalos dex, that is 3171 minutes on average. That is then multiplied by 200 for the eggs. Thats 634,200 minutes, which converts to 10,570 hours! And then you need to evolve most of them! That would add another  30 minutes per evolution adding about another 2,550 hours. So your looking at 13,120 hours, or about 546 days! Thats almost 2 years! This may not be 100% accurate but its as close as I will get. I hop this helped. ( sorry, I forgot to include soft resetting for legendaries, which will make it another two-three weeks or so)
Well at least Pokemaster doesn't hack :3
@CosmicDragonSlayer Wut
@SparkyBlaziken sorry about all the math... My point was that it would take about 2 years on average just for the 3 kalos dex... im not including national dex.
CosmicDragonSlayer, I don't think PM is gonna try to find them all in his game xD
@Jar Jar~ Im sorry. I was just trying to be helpful. *stomps off. Lol I know he wont. Again, just tryin to be helpful. :)
Serebii doesn't hack. They have people that just grind for shinies that have capture cards, capture the image of the shiny, and ships it to the website for a nice, generous reward of... uh... crap...

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It will be whenever Pokemaster has time, he will probably grab them off Showdown.

He has been incredibly busy.

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