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"Which Pokemon is better" questions

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Recently I'm seeing a lot of "which Pokemon is better" questions, which usually don't have context, i.e. the rest of the team, so there is absolutely no way of saying which is "better". Listing pros & cons doesn't work either because it still depends on the team as to which Pokemon to pick.

Additionally, I still don't think "which Pokemon should I use for this team" questions should be allowed because it's essentially asking for others to make someone's team for them. Granted, it's not asking us to make their whole team for them, but even on the RMT rules it says:
>Full teams only: In general this means 6 Pokemon for 6v6 singles. Doubles teams would be 4 Pokemon. If you don't have a 6th Pokemon then put something in and say you are not sure about it and would like more suggestions.

so you should still come up with a moveset/ items/ ability/ nature et. al for a Pokemon and not ask someone to pick for you.

Can we just resolve this once and for all and say that these questions are not allowed because they're too opinionated?

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I agree with the banana dude :)
@MrK: and I see most people leaving the 6th Pokemon blank in my experience? Until they're asked to anyway. And as for really not knowing, I would even just stick Sunkern in there to just show that you've triiiied to come up with a 6th one.

And yea, if the Q was "which is a better cleric for my team, Florges or Sylveon", then the question is more than answerable. If the question was "random water type vs. random water type", then no.
Before: Which Pokemon should be my wall for [insert tier], Bastiodon or Steelix?

After: hay guyz should i pick mageekrap fur ma [IN-GAME] team or dat weekling arceeyus
You just won the internet again.
I dunno if you ever seen my answers to these types of questions but it's not exactly difficult. Yeah, some background info would be nice, but t's not needed. You compare stats, roles, how they work, movepools and sets. Basically, a smaller smogon analysis. Then the asker can choose which Pokemon for what purpose

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On the Battle Subway, it's full teams only. However, people can provide an option of 2+ Pokemon for one of the 6, but if they do that they must include all the usual details like moveset/EVs etc. Like "For my last Pokemon I'm not sure which to use, Garchomp with [all moves and stats here] or Tyranitar with [all moves and stats here]."

On Pokebase, we do have a lot of questions of the form "Pokemon A or Pokemon B". I don't mind these in general because the answers are quite good and weigh up all the pros and cons between the Pokemon. You don't need a whole team context, but the Pokemon should be somewhat similar i.e. "Garchomp or Blissey" is silly because they fill completely separate roles.

So to sum up:
If it's part of a team, it should be on RMT and include full details for each Pokemon.
If it's a straight comparison between two Pokemon it should be on Pokebase and they should be somewhat related.

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