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So I was maybe we could turn this post into a page where new users can introduce themselves. This way, people can meet new users instead of them trying to do so on chat or peoples walls.
There would be general rules, like a user has to have answered/asked/commented on a question, to stop people from introducing themselves and then immediately going inactive.

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Such a thread would quickly turn humongous, and soon be unreadable. Good idea, but I think we need the forum first.
http://pokemondbserver.forumotion.com what's this btw?  Was it just a test or...?
@flaf: I was thinking maybe we could hide posts that are two or more weeks old
This isn't a bad idea for the forum but the current system atm won't be able to take hidden answers for long since there are a ton of new users. PM would need to come by this post more often to delete answers so lag wouldn't happen. (Look what happened to the X/Y FC page it's super laggy)

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I think chat is a much better place for this.

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