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On occasion, I see questions on Pokebase that I think might be better suited to the RMT section. Here are some examples:

  • [This Pokemon] or [this pokemon]?
  • What is a good EV spread for [this Pokemon]?
  • I need a good wall for this team. Any suggestions?
  • What is a good [insert type here] Pokemon for this team?
  • What item should I give my [this Pokemon]?

Please answer giving examples for each question above and maybe even some of your own (if you can think of them). The purpose of this question is to satisfy my curiosity as well as being there for the convenience of other users. Thanks!

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You see, the Battle Subway's subtitle "RATE MY TEAM" is not really that difficult to understand. It means that you have a fully constructed team, with fully thought out purposes for team members, and want feedback to improve your current team, and the ability you had to do so.

What does this mean? It means that you tried your darn hardest to make your team be the absolute best, but are doubtful of it's capacity (after testing it out a few times), and hope to see if there is anyone who has a suggestion that you may have not thought of.

[This poopie] vs [That poopie]
See, as stated before (and I will continue to state), this only wants an insight for 2 pokemons, not all 6. The reason all 6 pokemons are is so that the person answering may pick the best option syngergy-wise. You personally should not take the time to improve their team. You should be offering all the pro's and con's for the specified candidates that are to be chosen, and give your personal opinion on why it would work better than the others.

What is a good EV spread? [PLS HELP IDK WAT I R DOIN!!!]

When someone needs an EV spread, you shouldn't even know all of their 6 pokemons. They should have only stated the pokemon, moves, and possible item that they are willing to use. They might want to also state if they want a certain type of spread (speedy, outspeed certain pokemon, survive certain attack, bulky, etc). Also, these type of questions are kind of redundant, since spreads can be looked up (common ones, that is), or should be figured out alone, because of the given reasons above.

Good Wall

Refer to [This poopie] vs [That poopie].

What good type pokemon 4 team?????

Similar to EV spread and vs explanation, this requires them to include the team, and what type of role they want it to have. So basically, both arguments in one.

Items and the Meaning of Life

You're not doing anything except picking the most formidable option for them to use. If anything, this a very silly question to ask, and somewhat biased (imo). Nothing to rate as well.

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I'm not sure if I want to refer to these "poopies"