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So 3 days ago, I asked a question on RMT on Me vs Someone in an international, I waited for it to come but no. It did not come up! Should I ask again?


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The post was submitted successfully; here is a link to it. You didn't see it because I rejected it before it was ever made public. There should be a notification in your updates area indicating this occurred.

I left a comment on the post explaining why I removed it. In short, you didn't explain what your ruleset is, and you didn't include EVs, natures or abilities in your post, which we require no matter the circumstances. (For reference, I don't know what an 'international battle' is, and my cursory look through Google at the time did not help.)

Feel free to repost the thread if you can include the details above. Let me know if you're confused about this, but I can't give you an exception.

International battles were introduced to the DS, so in other words, its a link battle.
Where is mine? I got no update but it is not out.
Yours was rejected for the same reason. You need to include items, abilities, moves, natures and EVs for every single Pokemon on your team, as well as specify the battle format intended for your team. Posts will be removed if they don't do this at a bare minimum.
The fact you didn't get a notification is a problem which has been reported by a number of people now. I'll highlight the issue to Pokemaster again soon to see if he can fix it.