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I won't list everything because much of it won't make sense to anyone else, like "Upgrade to CodeIgniter 2" or "Look at jQuery cookie plugin". If I add everything up on all the sections there are currently 111 things! A lot of them are just ideas and stuff that I might never do...

But here are the most important things I'll be doing soon:

  1. Fix links in Pokebase editor (i.e. make http://pokemondb.net come up as a link).
  2. Items section
  3. Mobile app: evolutions, EVs, possibly favourites (bookmarks)
  4. IV calculator
  5. Finish Moveset searcher
  6. Move type checker - i.e. against all pokemon, list 'not very effective' and regularly effective

Here's a bunch more copy-pasted:

  • Add 'learnt by TM' and 'learnt by move tutor' from gen 4, to move page eg dark pulse & earth power.
  • Pokedex: separate stats page with min/max at lvl 50, 100, and custom input lvl
  • Static: Status conditions page
  • Name origins page (plus listed in Pokedex)
  • Pokedex: stat combos eg Attack+Speed for physical sweeper
  • Shinydex: create montages of shiny Pokemon and list like /pokedex/national
  • Types: show stat averages for each type & generation
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Half of this is now done! YAY!