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I thought about doing this a few days ago.
Post every single Scizbot problem you can think of here, or even suggestions on how to improve it. Again, be specific. Post the exact problems here, like what filter you're talking about.

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I'd answer, but my memory fails to notify me of all the major problems. But lists of swear words, randomness of occurrence and muting swear words within legit words spring to mind.
What words? The spamfilter is fixed, so it doesn't randomly mute anymore, and what do you mean by the last point?
We need to reduce the banned words list. Most people don't even mind swearing, and IIRC there is a COPPA ban for people 13 and under, so anyone who uses showdown should be able to hand cusses.

However, if you are more worried about people spamming banned words, there is almost always a driver or above online to lock or ban them. Also, there is a spam filter so even if there isn't auth on it's not that big of a deal.
COPPA doesn't exist anymore.

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Well the first obvious problem with ScizbotMegaUltra10000 is the fact that it auto kicks without any warning or a simple censorship.
And then there's the fact that posting cuss/offensive words within ordinary words (e.g Cofagrigus, analyze,documentary) will get you (auto) kicked.

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I'd suggest that when you swear it does the whole pop up warning page thing, and does that once or twice. Then it could auto mute
you want Scizbot to warn first then?
Either have a popup warning or just censor the word (like Kickbot does in this Chat room), yes.
Meh. I was talking about my homework once... (Circumference) Don't tell me, I know
Yeah, a warning would be fine
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Make the mute time of Scizbot shorter. 7 min is unnecessary long, 1 min would be well enough to scare trolls and ogres away whilst being less annoying for the rest of us.

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You forgot the Orcs and Elves.
1 min now.