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Is it a type of bot like "Lady Monita" the PS official server's bot? Is Scizbot pokemon database server's bot? Recently I've found this question:
What happened to it? I don't think it is in the database server. I've never found it. What happened to it? Bring it back, please.

I've never heard of a "scizbot" before... Sounds like a joke to me; a lot of those commands look really fishy.
Was jarjar behind this?
No, I think Sciz aka Scizornician made this bot
Yeah, did some poking around, not a joke, apparently. Looks like the bot was banned by accident. It either hasn't been... re-animated? re-applied? (No clue what word i should use) or it was, and then it was taken off the server. It seems to have primarily been a bouncer for the chat. It stands to reason that since chat is dead, the bot would be, too.
Lol, i don't have the power to create a bot

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Scizbot was made by Scizornician, who was one of the server's admins in its prime. It was similar to Lady Monita, so you could definitely think of it that way. The commands list you see was real. Scizbot could also be challenged to battles, though this was never quite functional.

Scizbot isn't on the server anymore, due to a combination of the server being inactive, Sciz having left the site and the updates the script would need to make it work nowadays. All our programmers from back in the day have moved on or now have real-life commitments, so it would not be an easy process bringing it back.

For it to be worth making something like this again, there'd need to be a greater interest in the server overall. And if we were to revive the server, we'd need to fix some bigger problems first, e.g. inactivity, lack of auth and lack of updates. At present, we don't really have the man power.

We'll see what happens when Pokemon for Switch ramps up and there's some hype behind the franchise again.

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Last times, the chat is getting more active. 6 peoples are in there, these people  mostly:
Hellfire Taco (does not speak much but does read much),
Rahat Hasan,
and "(idle)" xtreme evoboost (we keep missing each other though).

So I think after some time chat is getting more, and more active. So I think after the Switch games we could bring Scizbot back.  

Maybe X-Scizbot? No okay.

-SYL SmartYoungsterLorika or just Lorika
I'll see you next time!
I'm pretty sure Fizz was talking about the smogon server, although people have been on there like SYL, Rahat, Me, WGTF, Molthree, NoobyBidoof, and a few others. Although I usually only use it weekends, it has been getting more activity than chat. I don't see Scizbot to have much need, but if someone wanted to work on it, we wouldn't stop them.
Nope. I would love battling Scizbot
Yes, there is definitely a lack of auth, and that can be and needs to be fixed immediately. I'm definitely not implying this has anything to do with me.
I bet Scizbot can't beat me at CAP :P
Scizbot was BAAAAD. You had to try to actively lose to actually be beaten by Scizbot.

Scizbot was one of the earliest examples of bots on PS!. While not the first of course, it was a fairly big deal at the time. Sad to see it go.

Just dont remind me of the whole censorship phase. That was....dreadful.