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This is not so much an actual mistake, but more of a formatting error between the Hitmonchan and Tyrogue pages. The first two abilities for Hitmonchan (Iron Fist and Keen Eye) are actually in the reverse order of Tyrogue's (Guts and Steadfast). Raising a Tyrogue with Guts will actually lead to the Hitmonchan having Keen Eye rather than the expected Iron Fist. Just something I though should be brought up, and maybe fixed by an admin to prevent future frustrations.

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it does not matter & im pretty sure P.M doesnt care too...
Yes it does. I wasted a good 6 hours trying to IV breed an optimal hitmonchan for some UU fights and was fairly upset when I evolved the tyrogue and it had Keen Eye instead of the desired Iron fist. It then took another 3 hours to fix the mistake and I just don't want to see anyone else have to go through the same frustration.
well it is not a big deal you find antor one with the 2nd abilty and get hitmonchan  with iron fist
Yes, but when you're IV breeding that can take anywhere from 10 minutes to the previously stated 3 hours (sometimes even longer). I think Serebii is the only one with the proper order right now, but a lot of people come to pokemon Db because it has a much better layout. It would be great if "all" the information was as up to date as possible, and it's a small mistake that could mess people up.
Icshade  use poke gem
Icshade  use poke gen I mean

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