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It works in most other chat rooms like PS and Pokebattle for instance . It would be really useful for greeting new users to the chat.

For anyone who doesn't know what Tab complete is it's when you start to type in the text box but if you press the Tab button it will complete the name for you if they have spoken recently.

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I like this.
yes pls
daddehnician has a good idea
I suppose it isn't all muscles and zero brains c;
it should go by the user list not by the chat itself, that way you can complete a name even if they havent spoken recently
That reference though. Screw that site. :c
well then, let me shove it in your face real good :>
"You Scored as Machamp
You are a Machamp, All muscles no brains to use them you are a Strong but stupid pokemon doomed to fail in romance because you are just...dumb and clumbsy."
:I I thought papa was zero brains zero muscles....

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This is a good idea, I've put it on my todo list.

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