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Create a move type searcher for individual pokemon.

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"Give me a sec. I'll scan the target."

By this, I suggest making a searcher that looks like this:

Pokemon: [searchbar or dropbox]

Type: [searchbar or dropbox]

You pick a pokemon and a type and you see all the moves of that type it can learn. I'm sure that the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that we already have this information in the form of the DB pages. But I'm suggesting this as a quick way to see if a pokemon has a specific move while in a battle. You have the regular pokedex pages, but it would take too long to sift through each section and also search for previous generations if the player migrated their pokemon, so this is more like the moveset searcher, but by pokemon instead to have much faster type results.

Suppose my opponent has a Mismagius out and my best choice for blocking it is a Gastrodon. I'm considering if I should switch to him, but I do remember that Mismagius can learn a grass move or two. I could use the searcher to quickly get a read on the pokemon and see all the grass moves it can learn to know what I'm up against:

Pokemon: Mismagius

Type: Grass

Moves: Energy Ball, Magical Leaf

That's just one example, but it would be helpful for some pokemon with harder to remember movepools. Often I'll not make a move thinking a pokemon can commonly learn a certain type of move that might be problematic, only to later see that the move I was thinking of was too weak or impractical to be of competitive use. I can probably write this up myself, but it would be much better to implement it here on the DB.

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I love it.
Smexy idea! =D
This could've be so helpful when I was building my team.
Yeah, it would be helpful for building teams and for battling.

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