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Shortcut for anyone http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/user/Ayan
Also, it works fine for me. Possibly something to do with your device.
Maybe, but everything else on every other site is exactly the same, and other than some new adverts (which are not actually on profiles for whatever reason). It probably is, but I wanted to know since it is only happening on this site. And yes, I checked my exstentions and Chrome settings, and my other general background programs.
That has been happening to me for months (on everybody's profile)
What exstentions / plug-ins / settings do you have on Chrome (assuming that's what you use)? We can search for a correlation
Is there anything that is making the left column so wide? The one with the grey background that says "Friend Codes" etc.
Ew no everyone hates Naruto, don't accuse me of watching it ;~;

Is it only happening with Ayan's? 'Cos if that's the case then obviously he's got something that has no spaces. If he doesn't, I have no clue. It never happens for me, but I have a small laptop so mine is never formatted with the profile and the wall next to each other, so I'm no help here. :P
I'll edit, it's happening with a few, but not all of them

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