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A few little bugs you might want to squish.

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These are really minor, but anyway:

  • The views on questions have disappeared. When you look at the list of questions, you can see the views, but when you go into it, the views count is absent from its place under the star used to mark favourites.
  • On the recent activity section in profile pages, you can't see the amount of votes the post has anymore (example). Looks really ugly.
    Also, in the all answers section, it never highlights the votes in green if the answer is selected.
  • The links to the pages of users at the bottom of the users page are stuck on 334, and the same is for the full list of questions on the PokeBase section, except it's stuck on 1000.
  • You can't see the amount to views a post has in the admin anymore. Kinda nice to see this, since you can tell that a post is old if it has hundreds of views.
  • You can see some of your own actions in the 'My Updates' section, like when you hide your own answer. Not sure if that's supposed to happen, kinda weird.
  • If you edit an answer, it gets selected while you're editing and then you publish it, it doesn't say that it was edited, and it erases the "selected by" message (example).
  • Sometimes the green arrows for voting disappear. You can still vote, the arrows just go invisible. I have only observed this while on my iPad, though I access this site through my iPad 99% of the time, so I don't know if this is a universal issue or not.

Just a complation of bugs I've picked up over time. Most of them are really tiny, so they really shouldn't be your priority to fix. Some of these popped up when the site updated last year, and it has taken me until now to report them... xD

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"Also, in the all answers section, it never highlights the votes in green if the answer is selected."

/o//o//o//o//o//o//o//o//o//o/  \o\\o\\o\\o\\o\\o\\o\\o\\o\\o\
Actually I should've worded that differently... it used to do that, but after the big update it stopped.
Yeah but that title tho

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