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When I asked a question I said my question is different and then suddenly I went to this wierd place. It had the same thing without color and it had a bad format and looked like a defualt thingy. Then I tried asking another question and it was normal again. A similar thing happened a bunch of months ago before you made the Q/A part but that one lasted for days.

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Probably just an isolated event.
What was the question you asked? If you are able to recreate the situation let me know exactly what you typed in and I'll look into it. And was this on the main Q&A or on meta?

Also, when you say "goes to a weird place" what do you mean? Another site? Post the address (URL) if it happens again, thanks!
It  stays on the site it just looks well I can't explain it looks poorly done.
I just typed that same question in, and everything was ok......

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OK I think maybe you clicked the link to the rules page? When you ask "what is the best" type questions it tells you that it may be too subjective. The link was broken but I fixed it now.