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What if someone is awarded best answer simply because there is no other post but it is later proven to be wrong by a more detailed and correct post (e.g. the first person missed out information or mistakenly wrote from memory?

Is there any way to change best answer?

If there isn't then Pokemon Database should think about adding such a feature which should probably be monitored by editors etc. so as to stop people abusing this function such as offering to change best answer to someone else's if that person gives all their other questions and answers an up-vote.

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Yes, that's extremely simple. Just click the green tick on the selected answer to remove the best answer thing, and then click the green tick on the answer you want selected.

Mods can already modify and choose the best answer on any post if they want, so you don't need to worry about it :)

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You change it by selecting the other answer. Pressing the green check in the other answer changes the Best Answer given. So yes, this feature is implemented.

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