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I spend most of my time on Pokebase since I joined on June 3rd, not on Meta-Pokebase or Battle Subway, and can vote, flag and post on walls. This is not the case on Meta-Pokebase or Battle Subway though.

There should only be 1 score that dictates your ability to do things on this site whilst sub-scores are relevant to each different section for rankings etc. because I was recently unable to give 2 users, who helpfully answered my question, an up-vote which they deserved.

Some things would need to be changed like the score needed to become an expert etc. which could just be 3 times as high.

This may have many flaws that I have no idea about or might be a good idea... so suggestions please.

Thanks Immortal for better articulating the question for me.

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To me I don't like this idea.
The reason why they have different scores is maybe because you might get points in one section, then be able to downvote/flag others for no reason in another.
But seriously, I didn't create this site.
This has been discussed on Meta and chat many times between many a user, including PM. And every time PM has stated that he is sticking with the current points / user type system.
^@ what Sciz said.
Also, you don't get Editor when you reach a certain number of points. That's for Expert(edited it already, but still).
1. Easier to get points on Pokebase than other parts, which you don't seem to be factoring in for your 'triple the requirement for Expert'
2. Wall Posting can be done through Pokebase, doesn't even count
3. Frankly by your way, you could know jack about competitive battling, or about things to improve the site, but you could go upvote the stupidest teams and ideas simply because you answer spammed on Pokebase.
4. Makes it overall more difficult to get privileges.
Alot of users focus on Pokebase, Meta and Battle Subway have less users, so if you crank up the point requirement, you force other users to wait more time to get certain privileges etc. etc.
5. I don't think the users care about those 'rightful' upvotes anyway.
6. Come on it's not hard to enough points for privileges on Meta or Battle Subway. You could have spent the time you wrote for this post on a better meta post, gotten a couple upvotes for it, and bam upvote privileges. Or posted a good RMT team or a good answer, gotten a few upvotes/BA, bam upvote privileges. It's not that hard. If you can't do it, then boo hoo.
I have answered some questions but my answers take a while to be approved but yeh, I understand all the comments about why It wouldn't work very well. I guess I'll just answer some more questions. Thanks guys.

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Pokemaster has denied this, as stated in the comments.

Some people focus on these sections more. I value my ~14k points here much more than Pokebase, it is much more achieving.

I understand wanting privileges, but I think this is the wrong way to do it. Maybe a solution is to make Pokebase points decide privleges here too.

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I was just annoyed that I didn't have the BASIC PRIVILEGES  on these sections even though I do on Pokebase. I understand why it wouldn't work to make points transfer across sections but I now have some of these privileges on Meta-Pokebase after about 24 hours. So I guess I'm just too impatient. Thanks for explaining it.
It's called 'work'. Actually, it's barely even that. It's just typing up soem stuff rather nicely. If you don't have enough points, it's because you don't know enough, can't present or get your information out properly, or are utterly useless and lazy like me o3o. I'm all 3 actually, and I still made front page on all 3 user lists. It's not hard, just stay around the site a little longer.