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I have been curious about this for some time, and I wanted to find out about it.

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Nope. All three sections are different. All three do combine to your rep.

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Nope. You have separate points in BS, Pokebase, and Meta and they do not affect each other and privileges won't follow you from section to section(although Expert on Pokebase lets you edit on Meta and Battle Subway).

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To follow up on everyone, there is a seperate point total for every section. Though priveledges such as voting won't carry on section to section. This being said, if you have a terrible point total in meta, you won't be able to do certain things such as voting, flagging, etc in the particular section if your points are too low there.

Kinda unessesary answer here but just throwing that there.
You can just comment... I think that this should be one.
it's kind of weird how I can't post on walls when I use Pokebase but I can as soon as I switch to meta, even though it's the exact same wall.