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I noticed that there were no movesets for some Gen V pokemon, so I was wondering if I could ask it. Also, are there any pokemon you don't want movesets to be asked for? Thanks in advance!

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Which Pokemon? speed freak is right, we have ones for every Pokemon.
My bad, I didn't see Stoutland when i searched stoutland moveset. It came up when i searched stoutland though. My bad!

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There are movesets for all Pokemon (except for Ditto, but don't do a moveset for that). However, questions for Little Cup movesets are allowed, although it is preferred you ask only if you are going to be using those Pokemon. But movesets for NFE Pokemon outside of LC should be placed on the moveset of the final evolution form.

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dont forget woubbufet
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there are movesets for every single pokemon you must have missed spelled in the search

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