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Directed to Pokemaster because this is a (not exactly) huge edit and I don't know if he can do it.

The idea relates to Indigos' but 1 question at a time.
Don't only have that email option optional but also a button that says 'Do not show activity on this question/answer in the my updates section'. Some people have an overload there (not many people check it) but it might work. Is this possible?

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Yeah errm, I don't think it's that huge....
Also, I see little to no point. The activity on the question is overwritten every time someone posts a new comment or something, so it's not exactly easy to get an overload unless you ask heaps of questions/answer heaps.
Also, yeah barely anyone uses my updates. v useless.
Try to make the title a bit more specific. A new button could be anything.
Sorry just didn't know how to phrase it

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