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Alright, a month or so ago, I attempted to breed a Ludicolo, and on the Eggmove parents page for one move (Teeter Dance) , you mentioned Lilligant as a Potential parent, but it is impossible to do anything with that as lilligants are always female.

My suggestion is simple, any constantly female pokemon should be removed from the eggmove parent's list (Eg. Lilligant, Kanghaskan, Blissey) as not to confuse people, like me.

Along with this, you can show Chains for commonly used eggmoves, like Teeter dance on Ludicolo.

Hope you take this suggestion seriously. and otherwise thank you for noticing this thread.

A little edit for some clarification.

I SIMPLY mean that Things like Petilil should be taken off of the eggmove page for things other than Petilil. It is just annoying. anyway, glad I could start this discussion.

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That information is outdated, Lilligant used to be able to pass down egg moves because in BW females could pass down moves as well. It just needs updating.
females can still pass down egg moves iirc
Yes they can.
U guys wot
Lilligant will always breed to give Petilil. Ofc it can't pass down egg moves to a Ludicolo :/
Yea, but Lilligant can still pass down egg moves to Petilil (as of Gen VI). That's why it's on the potential parents list.
Then I guess it should be on Petilil's Egg move page right...? It can't pass down egg moves to a Ludicolo, so I don't think it's much of a potential parent for. So I guess it shouldn't be there on Ludicolo's egg move page

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