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Now that the new Pokemon game has been announced, and it's coming out later this year, we're sure to be getting new information frequently! Like the BW2 / XY/ ORAS threads, this is just a place to post extra information that Pokemaster misses.

  • First check the basic pages here.
  • Like before, only add information that Pokemaster missed and it's been a few days. He is usually aware of most new information as it happens. Don't forget to check the Sun & Moon page above as well as the news on the front page.
  • Game stuff only, not anime (unless it relates to the games, e.g. new Pokemon appeared in the anime before it was revealed in the games).
  • Reliable sources only i.e. official sites like and Bulbapedia and Serebii are usually good also. No rumours! Please don't make any post without citing it as well. No youtube videos! (besides official ones)
  • Maximum 2 images per answer and not huge ones. You can add links to more images.
  • Please keep the plot spoilers very low, thanks.
  • Note that answers are usually hidden once the news has been posted.

I've updated the question and added the link on the side. I'll try and
actually add information to the site this time! Also can we not clog
up the comments with chat/speculation? I really should hurry up and
finish the discussion forum.... commented 4 days ago by Pokemaster

I.e avoid speculation.

Also if you haven't read any of this read it. Then read it again.

And of course, this page will contain SPOILERS so don't come here if you don't want to read them!

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The Sun Legendary resembles a lion, and the Moon one resembles a bat.

Wait. Bat? Moon? Nighttime? Darkness?
Again guys dont post anything unless PM has missed it and its been a few days. Also no speculation we dont need this page spamming up the meta
CoroCoro released trailer to their YouTube channel, that seems to be extracts from the trailer released on may 10th but if you look closely there is a Pokemon in the background that resembles a lilipup like dog.
Once again guys it seems we need to say it again. Only post new information if its been a while since it was revealed and Pokemaster hasn't updated the home page. Chances are Pokemaster saw it and hasn't had time to add it to the main page yet.
A little something I noticed, Mimikkyu's name is a phonetic spelling of "Mimic You," and it supposedly mimics Pikachu dolls in order to be loved.

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enter image description here

In battles you can now see the trainer behind the Pokemon, and the HP bar has been redesigned.

Source, Serebii

Also no more circles to stand on!
Hmm...he picked the starter weak to ours. I think we may be getting two rivals, similar to Black and White.
Better than the cringeworthy rivals in X/Y
Trevor and Tierno were terrible and absolutely useless, but Shauna and Serena were okay.
I liked the X and Y rivals (well, friends is a better term). They reflected all sides of playing Pokemon. Serena aimed to be the best, Shauna aimed to love her Pokemon or whatever and Trevor aimed to catch them all. And I think Tierno was there for comedy relief? I even liked how Cheren kept on going but Bianca stopped her training in BW. I don't know, the more, the merrier imo.
When will there be an important NPC who admits that knowledge and strategy are just as important as aiming to be the best? Until it happens, nobody will reflect all sides of playing Pokemon.
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We can ride some Pokemon!

Official Source

More pictures from Spook :0
Sharpedo can be ridden like a jet ski.
Tauros can be ridden like a bucking bronco, except it's a bull.
• Lapras looks like it doesn't have a special animation, but it has a really tall and uncomfortable looking saddle.

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Other notable Pokémon from the trailers: Sharpedo, Lapras, Tauros, and all have special animations.