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Guys , pls. add some info for the Poké SaM for their names. Just any of like opinions for their name origins. Thanks.

For starters, Rowlett is owlet and something else. Litten is lit and kitten. In Togedemaru, "toge" is spike in Japanese, as in Togepi and the Toge Toge fruit. (I read One Piece. Don't judge.) I have no idea about the rest of the name. Bewear is bear and beware. Bounsweet is sweet and maybe bounce. Charjabug is charge and bug. Crabrawler is crab and brawler. Formantis is mantis and maybe formidable. Grubbin is grub and something else. Gumshoos is gumshoe and mongoose.
I think Fomantis is a faux mantis, because it's Grass and not Bug. Here are the rest of my personal thoughts:

Yungoos = Young + Mongoose.
Rockruff = Rock + Ruff (the noise that dogs make)
Lycanroc = Lycanthrope (werewolf) + Rock
Komala = Coma + Koala
Drama = Dragon + Grampa
Cutiefly = Cutie + Fly (woah)
Salandit = Salamander + Bandit
Stufful = Stuff (as in stuffed animal) + full?
Mimikyu = Mimic You
Wimpod = Wimp + Pod
Comfey = Comfy + Lei (Hawaiian flower necklace)
Mudbray = Mud + Bray (sound a horse/donkey makes)
Mudsdale = Mud + Clydesdale (big ol' horse)
Minior = Mini + Meteor?
Lurantis = Lure + Mantis
Sandygast = Sandy + Gast (ghost)
Pallosand = Pile of Sand or Palace + Sand
Wishiwashi = "wishy washy" means feeble or weak
Pyukumuku = Puke + I'm not sure what else
Turtonator = Tutle + Detonator/Terminator
Passimian = Pass (the ball) + Simian
Oranguru = Orangutan + Guru
Solgaleo = Sol (sun) + Leo (lion) + maybe Galileo
Lunala = Luna (moon) + I'm not sure what else
"Ala", or some similarly spelled word, is Italian for wing.
New Rowlet Evolution = Emo + Phase
I might just add my thoughts because I'm bored.
Rowlet: ___ + owlet
Dartrix: dart + tricks (it is the Blade Quill Pokemon fyi)
Litten: lit + kitten
Torracat: とら + cat (Japanese means 'tiger')
Brionne: brine + ____
Pikipek: pecking onomatopoeia
Gumshoos: gum shoes, as in gum boots etc. Or gum tree + shoes I don't know
Grubbin: grub + ____
Charjabug: charge + bug (it's an electric type)
Vikavolt: ____ + volt (electric type)
Bruxish: brux + fish (bruxing is to grind one's teeth)
Togedemaru: とげ + まる (translation: thorn + round)
Bewear: bear + beware (it's name is literally a pun I'm so proud)
Bounsweet: bountiful + sweet (bountiful means generous, etc.)
Oricorio: ドリ + choreography? (the Japanese comes from the Pokemon's Japanese name, I can't translate it.)
Morelull: spore + lull (although more might be a common term in mycology i dunno)
Crabrawler: crab + brawler
Jangmo-o: this probably comes from some dinosaur idk
Type: Null: type: null
Tapu Koko: according to reddit, tapu means forbidden (origination of taboo) and koko can mean blood. That doesn't sound like a very nice name though whoops.

Also am I allowed to complain about how much I hate Yungoos and Gumshoos' names. The Pokemon are so cool but their names are so dumb.
It'd be nice if Gumshoos had a counterpart, like a spilt evolution, called Mongroos (mongrel + mongoos). Gumshoos is the detective, Mongroos is the criminal. Like Sherlock and Moriarty. Although I guess we have Alolan Raticate mob boss so that fits.

…not relevant, just a thought I had.

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You can post origins for the new names on the etymology correction thread. I've already begun collecting some of them, will add to it shortly.