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Yeah, I've started to grow attached to Slide Show Presentations.


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J98, I can honestly say, that you have talent to present such things. It´s great...BTW, I agree :D
Great Idea J98. I also have a suggestion, that we have a report button. When you press it you name the user and state the offense and it is sent to Pokemaster so it wont fill up the meta.
the only problem is that a group of spammers can tag up and black a random user and that somebody can SPAM THAT to annoy other users
The chances of having 5 spammers in the chat at once is pretty horrible.
Maybe it should have a troll dectecter in chat because of them

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I have my own plans for chat, slightly different to what you suggested.

  1. Mods will be able to temp-ban anyone for either 20 or 60 minutes.
  2. All users will be able to 'vote' to kick users. If 5 users kick a user, they get banned for 20 minutes.
  3. Some kind of week long or permanent ban for multiple offenders.
  4. Possibly a way to IP-ban users from chat to avoid multiple accounts.
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Hmm, What if there are 5 users in the chat 1 Spammer 4 users trying to talk?.
We'll see how it goes at first. I may lower that number, or give more weight to higher-reputation users. Recently there have been a good number of people in chat.
Nice Idea! Maybe J98's button thing would be also a good idea. Oh, yeah. POKEMASTER IS DOING HIS BEST!