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I understand that we should keep some of the troubleshooting, suggestion, informational, and guide based questions should stay should someone else have the same question, but the meta would be a lot easier to navigate if we got rid of some of the stuff.

  • The "please ban this user" can be hidden once the matter is resolved. If they are banned, there's no point in keeping them there, and if they stay and don't do anything, we have no problem. If they stay and keep on doing whatever, we can just make (and later hide) another question concerning the issue.
  • The "can you change my username?" questions could also be done away with. I don't think anyone goes through to check the name changes, and even if they did, it doesn't say their original name. Once changed, you could do away with the question since they should notice the name change when, well...the name is changed.
  • the "why was this voted down?" type questions. Most of the time, we just rephrase what the rules say, if even that much.
  • the "I think [user] is cheating. While not so common now, they still take up a lot of space. Like the user ban stuff, they can be done away with once the matter is resolved.

There are probably a few others, but it would be a nice idea to keep things clean to do away with stuff other people don't really need. It's kind of bad when the example tags are "Pokemaster" "ban" "this" "idiot" "suggestion."

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good idea
ill hide mine
Ill also hide mine:}
Awesome idea.
Mine shall be hidden O_o :D
Wow I hid mine as soon as Pokemaster answered it
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Sure, I've hidden a bunch of questions now. Since you're an editor, it's fine if you want to hide some of the older questions like name changes, cheating accusations etc.

Please don't hide this question - I've left that as a useful FAQ-type question in case any one wants to know what they need to do.

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