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  • on the meta I would suggest a "sticky" for the major questions here. Things like the tier lists, FAQs, and any major questions the we might use frequently. It's hard to find the tier list without the searchbar if you aren't aware of it. With a "sticky," it'll be right there for people to notice early on.
  • Have just one question for name change requests, that way answers can be hidden/deleted once their name has been changed. It can even be called the name rater or something to tie in with pokemon. This could also be stickied should you choose to do that.
  • This one has been suggested before, but make use of the old youtube account for things like Walkthroughs, Gym leaders, the puzzles not shown on this site, and other stuff. I also think the TM locations would be more useful on the youtube account since a lot of them just say the location, but still don't quite tell you. For instance, it might say "route 45" but route 45 could be gigantic, and you still don't know where it is. With the video, you can see exactly where to look. Wifi events like the HG celebi event that not everyone gets to see would also be a nice option.
  • Go get a beer or something in celebration. You made a pretty awesome site and deserve one.
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That was @Tysonyoshi, If it takes you 9 beers to get drunk, you've either got one heck of a metabollism, or you're no stranger to the happy juice.
I know.
You can't get enough of that wonderful Duff.
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@J98 uh no im not planning to drink myself but yeah im saying your going to have to be drunk enough after 9 beers

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1+2, good suggestions. I'll add them to the sidebar with the upgrade.

3, also a good idea. I'm gonna look into screen-recording software so I can record me playing the games. I don't have a mic or anything to use while playing but maybe I can use my iPhone and dub it afterwards. I wanna replay B/W so i might do a big video about every single TM.

4, done :)

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