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I.e. Landorus-T has a Hidden Ability of Sheer Force, but Showdown! doesn't implement this. I don't know if Pokemaster can edit PS! but it's really messing up my OU team as it's "Not Valid"

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This isn't Smogon's mistake, this is on purpose. Also, PM can only update his server. :P

In OU, you can only use Landorus-T, which doesn't have a Hidden Ability.

None of the Therian Forms have Hidden Abilities either, they can only have their Hidden Ability in their Incarnate Form, and Landorus's Incarnate Form is in Ubers.

So, this can't be fixed, because it isn't a problem. :P


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Oh ok. It was just when I'm looking at the stats for Lando-T then it shows Sheer Force as hidden ability. And no, I'm not looking at Incarnate Form. Follow the link and then click "Therian Forme"
Pokebase is wrong then. I have a Sheer Force Landorus-I. When it is Therian, it's Ability is Intimidate :P

Look at my Bulbapedia Link, please. It says Landorus-T has no Hidden Ability. :P
Cool sorry - I tend to just assume that Database is always correct. Lemme put that on the "Minor Site Errors Page." Please excuse my minor arrogance in assumption in assuming I'm right and you're wrong.
No problem. We're all wrong once in a while, so don't sweat it. :P
Never assume that Pokemon DB is correct. If you want to assume that something is correct, use either Bulbapedia or Showdown!'s /dt command.
/dt? What does that do?
"dt" stand for "details". The command shows details.