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Let's Go is being released worldwide now. We have most of the data live on the site already, however the datamines from the games are missing some extra encounter data. For example they don't mention Bulbasuar or Charmander, but they do appear in the wild in various places.

This is where I need some help! If you're playing LGPE and spot any Pokemon in the wild that's not listed in our location guide, please post an answer to let me know! Preferably with a screenshot as proof.

For example, here are some I've spotted in various streams:

  • Bulbasaur: Viridian Forest
  • Charmander: Rock Tunnel
  • Porygon: Route 7
  • Chansey: Pokemon Tower (3F), Route 23, Mt. Moon (actually I think Chansey has a chance of spawning in most places similar to Audino!)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Chansey Route 16. Found it after a Doduo chain of 16.
Chansey on route 14 after chaining as well.
I thought there where only gen 1 Pokémon in LGPE, even with the breeding.
And a lot of Pokémon suffer from having their pre-evolutions/evolutions introduced in another gen be on the LGPE list. Also, I didn't check everything but I checked 5 and they had it. (Mime Jr. Pichu, Munchlax, Tyrogue, forgot)
It only has the original 151 as well as Alola Forms

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Posting some info here as I casually go through my own playthrough of the games! I'll update my own post and resize the images accordingly as I come across some rarer finds! This'll be a bit of a shotgunned post; some of these might still be visible in the encounter tables, but I'll try my best here. As others start to post I'll also try my best not to duplicate other's entries (i.e. I also had a Chansey encounter in Mt. Moon and Route 16).

Mr. Mime found via a lure encounter (Levels 13-19 confirmed):

Kingler found on Route 13 at Level 39. Perhaps all encounter tables vary from levels ending between 3 and 9?

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