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I try to put a period in this question, but when I hit "Save Changes" there is still a question mark. Is this a glitch? Or are you not allowed to put periods at the end of question titles?

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And yet there is a full stop here....

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Questions on PokéBase are designed to always have a question mark. If you didn’t put a question mark at the end of the title yourself, a question mark will appear automatically, overwriting any other punctuation mark used.

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Okay. Thanks!
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As X-Scizor says the question mark is automatically added to all questions. It's some auto-formatting I added very early on, because lots of people were posting questions with bad grammar and it was a hassle to update them all manually. (If you're interested, other modifications are capitalizing 'Pokemon', 'I', changing 'u' to 'you', and replacing multiple '?????' with a maximum of 3.)

I don't know if those corrections are still useful - we do have more editors/mods now who could keep on top of it for the questions that need it (not everything necessarily needs a question mark).

Even your question title is not that great. It does say in the rules not to ask questions like "X question" but actually put something useful in there. Saying "read description" isn't very helpful when people are reading through the question list.

What does "X question" mean? Also, thanks.
Nah, those are definitely still useful. If there's no chance they'll be applied mistakenly then all they're doing is helping.
@AV I mean any question title that just has a subject/name followed by "question", like 'Groudon question", "Let's Go question", "Eviolite question" etc.

@Fizz I wouldn't say mistakenly, but it's possible question marks could be added where not needed. For example I just edited AV's question to "Using Raise Max Levels on Groudon in Pokémon Shuffle?" to make it more descriptive. It's not strictly a question, though having the ? doesn't do any harm.