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I know the answer is probably because they wanted to advertise, but I just want a clarification. It could also be that that ad was just randomly picked to show up on my computer, but I doubt it.

How are they evil?
They aren’t.
Poptropica is the only evil here.
It evil because PM won’t get any money
Yeah... I'm sure that one little idiot who can't see ads won't completely destroy PM's flow. After all, I'm not the only one who uses this site.

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Is there something wrong with Poptropica? Looks like a harmless games site. If it's a misleading or spammy site I can block it.

Ads can appear for many reasons. Companies pay Google Adsense to advertise and Adsense puts ads on the sites signed up to it. For example PokemonDb is about a video game, so it's likely people here would want to play other games. Companies can also target this site specifically, though I don't know if anyone does that.

It can also be due to your browsing history, if you've visited other similar sites before or Poptropica itself. This side of online advertising is a bit stupid... I once went to a website and bought their product, then I kept seeing adverts for the product I already bought!

Also, ad blockers are nice and all for certain sites, but I make sure to only have a couple of ads per page, and always static images, no animation. So there's no real need to block ads on here IMO.

Poptropica is likely club penguin (RIP club penguin 2005-2017) but with some differences but it doesn't show violence, blood etc.