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I just noticed that the answer count on user profiles is sometimes different from the number of answers in their "all answers" lists. For example, my profile in RMT says I have 41 answers. When I click "all answers", I get a 3-page list. The first page has 19 answers, the second has 18 answers, and the third has 0 answers. 19 + 18 + 0 != 30. ("!=" means "not equal") So why are the answer counts inconsistent with each other?

Are hidden answers counted?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that hidden answers are counted.
EDIT: Nevermind, I guess they aren't.

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If you answered a question which the asker subsequently took down, then it will still contribute to your total answers despite the thread being invisible in activity lists.

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Anyone else feel that this should be changed to not include those answers?
Yeah, probably. I’m not too bothered by it personally, but it makes sense that way.