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So i was making a db users team [yes i got around to doing that without help] and wanted to include rotom but there was no rotom user when i searched rotom but if i could search the users list i could.

You could press ctrl+f to search each page of the users

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There already is a search function, but it isn't really part of the site. Type user rotom (the space right before rotom is necessary) in google, and the search results will be narrowed down to only pages from that site, the site being the users list of the database. If there are results, they should be the first few that show up.

Here are two I found:

you can also replace the last bit of those links with anything and if someone has it as their username it'll take you to their page.

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alright it appears I'm a big dum dum. You have to search " user rotom" not what I put before.