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i was thinking it would be cool if we could save links on pokemondb so when we click on our usernames we can see the links and be able to go to our favourte pages on pokemondb faster and easier

ps ur a great manger pokemaster

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Well, there is a section on everyone's profile that says "Website".  :l
I think he meant specific pages on the site.
You may bookmark it...
well excuse me! but yo udont know if im a guy or gal (and im not telling) so just call me elxy55 ok?!

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As DD said you can bookmark pages in your web browser. You can put them in folders as well to keep them organised if you like.

You could also put them in the "About me" section of your user profile. Lots of people have been putting their favourite TV shows, music etc there. Just add a bit for "favourite pages on Pokemon Database" and put the links in there :)

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DD is boss, you know :D I know him, he´s cool :D
hey i never thought of that thx!