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Here are all the changes:

  1. Flagging is for spam or rule-breaking posts. If a post gets a lot of flags it automatically gets hidden.
  2. Battle Subway section - for all team questions. Old team questions will get moved asap. (Not counting the moveset questions, these are special and will stay where they are).
  3. If you click "Questions" there are more ways to sort them such as by Most Votes, Most Views and Most Answers.
  4. Site stats and most popular tags on the right of the home page.
  5. User profiles now have a link to see all your questions and answers.
  6. Tag merging (work in progress), e.g. if you ask a question with the tag "ev" it gets changed to "evs".
  7. Members can get more "privileges" through more points:
    • Less than 80 points = you can't vote on posts (hopefully stops bad downvoting)
    • Less than 500 points = you can't create new tags (hopefully stops misspelling and junk tags)
    • Over 10,000 points = you can edit posts
  8. You don't get points just for posting any more.

I think that's it! There's probably more that I'm forgetting.

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flagging a comment means it is pointless,spammy,or inappropriate and should be removed.

New Features:

Battle Subway: Team Questions go here! ask a team question if you wish.

Points: answering/asking no longer gives you points.
you need at least 80 points to vote.

There is now a new points system for meta and battle subway

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