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I know This post talks about it, but I'm posting for two reasons.
1) It was posted nearly 4 years ago
2) That question only covers a ping for idle users

I know that pinging could be quite annoying for some, so being able to be pinged would probably have to be toggalable. It could be some sort of notification or noise. It would only work if you're online

Alternatively, add some sort of quote feature like discords so you can reply to posts better, which is the main reason I want pinging in the first place.

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I wrote up a simple chat-pinger script that you can paste into your browser's console if you're viewing the chat in Chrome (and possibly some other browsers, I didn't test it outside Chrome):

Something implemented straight into the site would certainly be better, since my version isn't super approachable for people who don't know how to code at least a little, despite my best efforts to include a guide.

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