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Something seems to have broken in a recent update to the Showdown server that causes battles to crash or fail starting. Here's the error as reported on the server, as well as the results of trying /hotpatch all:


Also see the errors posted by Staka in a comment below. This error appears to have worsened with time.

The error occurs for all battle formats. Could we get a fix? ...Pretty please?

EDIT 15/05: Pretty much every feature of the server is now broken, per the comments below. /hotpatch all does nothing, as usual. Here is another lot of errors, from the Staff room (which is still working, for the time being):


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The problem has gotten worse. The server doesn't do battles at all at the moment. :P

When validating (in chat):
> A chat command has crashed: Error: Mod base needs a generation number in scripts.js
at ModdedDex.loadData (/var/www/showdown/app/.sim-dist/dex.js:1540:24)
at ModdedDex.get data [as data] (/var/www/showdown/app/.sim-dist/dex.js:210:15)
at ModdedDex.getFormat (/var/www/showdown/app/.sim-dist/dex.js:604:12)
at CommandContext.vtm (/var/www/showdown/app/.server-dist/chat-commands/core.js:1317:30)
at (/var/www/showdown/app/.server-dist/chat.js:510:28)
at CommandContext.parse (/var/www/showdown/app/.server-dist/chat.js:342:19)
at _class.parse (/var/www/showdown/app/.server-dist/chat.js:1394:18)
at User.processChatQueue (/var/www/showdown/app/.server-dist/users.js:1531:9)
at Timeout._onTimeout (/var/www/showdown/app/.server-dist/users.js:1499:15)
at listOnTimeout (internal/timers.js:549:17)
> Pokemon Showdown crashed!
Don't worry, we're working on fixing it.

When challenging(as an alert):
> Your selected format is invalid:
- Mod base needs a generation number in scripts.js

Dang, good thing the tournament just ended.
Chatrooms also don't load and attempting to make a groupchat fails.
Update&Bump: As of posting this, joining rooms seems to be broken, but PMs still work. :P

Edit: commands don't work at all anymore. :P
Now it does not work at all. I can't join lobby or any other chat room.  "The command "/autojoin" does not exist. To send a message starting with "/autojoin", type "//autojoin"
Can we give server-restarting powers to someone other than Pokemaster?

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Sorry just seen this. I restarted the server and it seems to work ok. Everything was already up to date so not really sure what the exact problem was.

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Awesome. We'll keep you updated on any more problems we might have.