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Why not? And, a thank you to someone who did can't hurt.

I would've thought that some people would prefer to remain anonymous about such things. What if you decided to upvote a somewhat controversial post? Would you want people knowing that?
Hmm true. Should I take this down then? But then again, only the asker or answerer would be able to see it. And only up votes could be shown and keep down votes anonymous.
I'm not one to decide what should be taken down, so I can't say anything about that. I'm personally just not the biggest fan of the suggestion.
Maybe there could be an option to keep you upvotes anonymous, so it won't say exactly who it is.  And while I think this would take decently more time, there could be an option to let a specific upvote be anonymous before the action is performed.  I don't know though, I'm just throwing out some ideas.

Oh yeah, according to the sources below, Pokemaster isn't looking into doing this anytime soon, but I still think it is a pretty good idea:

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This won't happen, sorry. Anonymous voting is a deliberate and important feature of this platform -- we don't want too much attention to be drawn to up-votes. The focus of this website should not be on who is upvoting you, who you are upvoting, or thanking people for upvoting you. We want people to be thinking about the contents of each post instead of the people involved with them. We don't want the thought of what the person is going to think about the vote to sway your decision over it.

Also, as far as drama is concerned, allowing people to see who voted their posts is as good as making those votes entirely public, because you can simply tell other people who voted your posts. 'Why don't you vote me more? Why do you vote this person more than me? This person sucks because they have never voted me!' We want none of it.

Ah ok. I was just wondering.