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If you're new to PokeBase and you recently made posts that seemingly disappeared, then it is very likely the posts are waiting to be manually approved. You would have seen a message saying your post will be 'checked and approved'. If this is the case, please read the post linked above so you know what is happening before continuing.

The best way to re-locate any page you’ve visited on the internet is using your browser history. You can find an option to view your history in your browser’s navigation bar – or, if you’re using a desktop computer, by pressing Ctrl+H simultaneously. Search your history for pokebase and try to find your question, or the title of the question you responded to, in the list that appears.

If you were using a private/incognito browser when you made your post, or if your browsing history has since been cleared (with or without your knowledge), you won’t find your post in the list. In this case, you can find your post using PokeBase’s UI:

  • If your post is public, then you will be able to find it on your account page. Click on your username in the yellow navigation box, and then choose ‘All questions’ or ‘All answers’, depending on the post you’re looking for. ‘Recent activity’ can also help you find comments you’ve made. Remember that your activity list is different in each section!
  • If your post has been hidden, then you will find a notification about it in your updates list. Note that your updates list is different for each section, as is the list of posts on your profile. If your post was rejected via the approval queue, it won't appear in your updates list – your browser history is the best option here.
  • If your post was an answer or comment and you remember which question you posted it on, you can navigate to that question and check if your post is there. This is the best option for answers and comments waiting for approval.
  • If your post is a question waiting for approval, then your best option is the browser history. Your next best option is to simply wait and then find it in the question list, as we'll probably approve the post soon.

If you still can’t find your post, you can ask a staff member where it went. In particular, we can help you with posts that have been rejected in the approval queue. If we can’t find your post either, then you might not have submitted it at all. In situations like this, it’s helpful to know that you can bring back any unsubmitted writing you’ve lost from accidentally closing a tab by re-opening the tab with Ctrl+Shift+T.

If the post you’re looking for was hidden and is extremely old, then it might not be in the history of hidden posts that we have access to, either. In this case, it will be very hard to find. Some of these posts will have been deleted, so they might be unavailable even with a direct link. Try brute-forcing post IDs in the URL if you’re desperate.

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