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This has been asked but the answer didn't help at all.

A typical glance
seconds ago
A typical glance
seconds ago
General kenobi
a minute ago
~MegaCharizardY~ seconds ago this is what Im seeing: ~MegaCharizardY~ seconds ago it just says "undefined" ~MegaCharizardY~ seconds ago noooo KICKBOT undefined undefined sm 4evr seconds ago So are you kicked

So this keeps happening. If I leave the page, KICKBOT's message goes away, but if I join chat again, it will appear in a varied amount of time (once it took 6 minutes, another time it took a few seconds). Chat works normally but it's annoying. Is there anything that causes this to happen? It seems like no one else can see the messages so is it just my device or browser? This has never happened before, but I just deleted my browsing data yesterday, so could that have effected the chat? It seems to have stopped when I opened a new tab, so I guess I'm just asking about that time period (for 30 minutes).

Oh, and, where it usually says how long ago the message was posted, it just says "undefined" (that's why it's written twice in the example, because the message was "undefined" as well).

Ok, it did it again :/

As I said in that screenshot, it didn't do this earlier, but whenever KICKBOT's message appears I can only see my messages until I refresh the page, but then the message will appear again shortly after.

Uh so yeah.

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It's JavaScript trying to output something that it doesn't know exactly what it is, so it just says undefined ;) It's a bug that the Pokemasta has 2 fix
Yeah, but that’s pretty odd how it even responds at all... an error like that is hard to make unintentionally, not that I don’t think it is accidental, but what is causing it? A setTimeOut() call or an accidental Kickbot text function call that has incorrect input and returns undefined? :P
When does this happen? Randomly, or when someone is kicked?
Can you let me know what web browser and operating system you are using?
Randomly, mostly every few seconds in chat. Sometimes it won't do this. I use Microsoft Edge as my browser. And... I don't know what an operating system is :P
Your operating system is usually either Windows, Linux, Google or Mac. If you're using windows edge then you're probably using Windows.

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