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Obviously really minor, but, sometimes my friends post a really funny out of context quote and I'd like it to be on the top of my wall, instead of getting lost in the flood of wallposts.

This could be good for reminders, friendcodes, linktrade codes, links, or if a mod wants to pin a message to a users wall to make sure they see what they want to say, so not only would it be good socially, but also for the QandA aspect and editing section of the site.

My idea for this is:

  • Each user can have one pinned wallpost to the top of their page, the rest are saved onto a separate wallpost category like "previously pinned posts".
  • A staff member can pin their own messages on someone else's wall, but these aren't saved to the pinned post tab. They also do not replace the top pinned wallpost-- they'll be on top, or directly underneath.
  • Staff can delete and removed pinned wallpost if they violate rules

I know this is unimportant, but it's something I'd personally love to see implemented. It'll make it so much more easier to find things you want to keep and remember.

(While you're here, I'd love it for there to be a "preferred name" section under the "type of user" part of the profile, so like, I can write "Ty" there so people don't call me "random Japanese characters". I'm sure other users who have long usernames will also appreciate this.)

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I like this idea
So do I both of them sound good
I think this would be helpful and fun.
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Yeah, people bring these stuff up again so pm can see them
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