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It gets kind of annoying repeating "We do not ask In-game teams here we ask PO/Wi-fi teams so levels are irrelevant" and "Please provide Abilities, Natures, and Evs/Roles" etc. Maybe not letting users ask on the Battle Subway until they have been around for a certain period of time or something.

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Hahaha, I saw this coming!
Although it's still a great idea, perhaps something that you actually have to read.
Like, you have to re-type all of the words for it to get off your screen if your on the site.
Yeah good idea.
Maybe the same way we have that introduction thing for the Pokebase (if that's still there?)

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Well the rules are there on the right when you ask a question. But it may be a good idea to add the yellow box at the top there as well. I just realized that if you type "team" into the box it tells you to ask on Battle Subway, even though you're already there :S

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