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Ever since Let’s Go, Pokémon haven’t had their in-battle models in the sprite page, rather their Party sprites. Why is that so? I mean, it might be hard and probably is to add models for every single Pokémon that has come out, but he did it for the Gen 7 Pokémon. Why did he stop?

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Probably because the Pokémon models (especially idle animations) haven’t updated very much since Gen 6, so adding them again every Gen isn’t worth it. Pretty much same reason as here, PM just hasn't added them yet. It may be that it's harder to get models. I disagree with KRLW, however. Although the models themselves haven't changed very much, the resolutions seem to have changed quite a lot, just look at the differences between the XY models and the ORAS models. Also, if that were the case, I don't think that PM would have already added both the XY and ORAS models if they weren't worth adding for every gen because they're all similar.
@KR Well, even if they haven’t changed, there are still the new Pokémon and such.

@HellFire Taco Yeah true actually...

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