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I was posting a Fakemon I made on my own wall, and figured out that things on its Egg Group, Evolution Level and Typing is wrong so I edited it out. I edited it out 2 times and after re-reading it, I found out that there are a few things that are still incorrect so I went to edit it out again. When I am about to send it back on my wall, however, there was a red message box saying

You are no longer allowed to post wall posts during this hour

It appears to be gone now, but I'm just wondering since I don't seem to ever get this message before.


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You may only make five wall posts per clock hour. When the hour ticks over (##:00), the counter resets and you can make more wall posts.

Due to how PokeBase is configured, each section counts wall posts separately, meaning you can make as many as 15 wall posts per hour by swapping sections after you reach the limit.

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