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So there's this question and in my Updates box, I got this update from it.

I never even knew this question existed (but I also thought the possibility of me not remembering it as I may have answered it long ago) So I decided to check it out. Its very well a quite new question and I was right about me not knowing the latter existed.

Why did I receive a notification despite it being a question completely irrelevant to me and never even had any traces of my activities there?

If you've favourited Fizz, his actions will appear on your updates.
Wait yeah it appears that I've favorited him- I don't even remember that I've done that.

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Answering to get off the unanswered list

Favouriting a user makes it so all their activity appears in your updates. To fix this, unfavourite the user or press "my content" within the tab instead.

Hope this helps! (for anyone in the future with this question, at least)

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