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Hi Pokemaster,

I’d just like to inform you that recently, we’ve had an increase of bot and spam accounts. Sometimes they post a bunch of crap that gets filtered by the admin tab, and sometimes they just make accounts and post a load of crap in their profiles. Today, staff went though the new users list and banned about 20 accounts that were spam/bots and using proxy services. All and all they’re harmless, but it’s still annoying.

I’d like to propose some sort of captcha or “verification” to help filter out the spam accounts. Thanks!

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Update: today we had a bot who posted literal gore in the chatroom and called the link a “cool free game” site
I think that was just a troll.
I think so too, but still worth mentioning as it is a spam account

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For reference, here's a list of them. The oldest (that we found) goes back a few months ago, while the newest was made earlier today. So it's an ongoing problem, though perhaps not an urgent one given that they don't seem to be doing anything.
I've excluded ones that have spam links in their profile. I'll put those in a hidden comment below.

Definitely looks like a bot given the name+random letters naming scheme that a lot of them use. A simple "I'm not a robot" captcha when signing up would probably weed these out.

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Here’s an example of what they post, when they do post. We get maybe 5 of these a month.

You also stated this on the Discord server and the fact it was approved by someone. Who on earth is approving all these questions anyway?
no one is approving this questions. If any of these are visible to the general userbase, please let us know
@nachos, like px said, it’s greyed out because it hasn’t been approved. I just find them funny and share them; I get them from the “hidden” tab, which if for the rejected content.